Beauty and the Beast

As part of my company’s “social” initiative, we had a Beauty and the Beast movie night. They made a good choice of movie, with about ~150 staff going. Who knew that the males were interested too!

It’s a really good movie; even though I went in with reasonably high expectations, this movie didn’t fail to impress. All in all, it just flowed nicely, the effects were beautiful; it mostly adhered to the story we knew as a child, and the songs frequency was not distracting at all.

I didn’t forget to notice that there were multi-cultural representations 😉

Today, I had fun.



As a thank you, the company/chair treated us (the annual dinner committee) to a buffet at Intercontinental!

So much food, and the dessert looks amazing. I was good in that I didn’t eat too much tho.

Fulfilled 🙂

Work and colleagues

I am happy to have colleagues and superiors that are easy to get along with.

Random tidbits of chat livens up the day. My manager would PM and support me in moving along things I need to get ready for an event. And my director would in a nice tone gently remind me I need to clarify some certain details (which, thankfully I did so as my assumptions on the contract was wrong).

It is nice to have a good work environment. Today. 😛

Found a vendor

Today, a vendor finally got back to me, but with bad news they have ran out of stock.

After a long morning of searching, again, I finally came across another vendor that offers something even better! Chinese art in 3D and gold covered, framed! Suits my gift purpose perfectly; and includes logo printing.

Lucky, or else I wouldn’t have made it in time for the event.