Change of mindset

I keep a personal blog, private, only for my eyes, for personal occurrences that I want to record, vent, or just to recollect my thoughts.

While it is a good channel for so, I took a quick glance through my past posts, and realized they were mostly if not all negative.

Things I could have let slide, I didn’t. Things where I could have exhibited even more patience, I didn’t.

Judging from my posts, I was upset about things that in the grand scheme of life, was minor.

I need to chillax; and start writing more about things that makes me happy, that I am grateful for.




For now…

Piggy backing off my last piece, I came to realize the other day that I am surrounded by married couples. My colleagues, my friends… it just seemed that it wasn’t too long ago that people I generally interact with were all just like me. But it’s to be expected isn’t it? You know… as we all grow older, we move from one chapter of life to the other and we dive in to make the most of what this stage of our lives has to offer.

I remember in my late twenties, I questioned myself quite often. Why can’t I find that special someone… ??? Like my friends, like my colleagues… some have already been together for a decade already… something that is beyond fathomable and understanding in my mind. I didn’t feel like I was missing out. I wanted to make my own story… but looking at them from the third person angle, it just seemed so easy compared to the challenges I was facing. As I grew wiser, I realized that the problem lied with me, but it was okay because I knew that they just weren’t right for me.

Later last week, I was reflecting back about my experiences over the past few years, few months, and the last few weeks. It was then that I felt happy. I was glad that I am single at this stage of my life. Because I am not attached, I have the opportunity to meet more friends. I have the freedom to go where I like, do what I want to do, and sleep as late as I want in the weekends. Okay… maybe not the last bit because I still have to get up and attend the brunches I have with some friends, haha…

I can honestly say to myself, I am enjoying where I am right now… for now…

Kicking off 2017 with a Wedding

I can honestly say that I am not a fan of weddings. Why, you may ask…

Well for starters, it’s another big reminder that I still have a long way to go before I can even foresee me doing mine, I may feel obligated to go… (for close acquaintances), and setting an afternoon orĀ evening aside for the occasion. (Kinda sound like a wedding Grinch, but at about this age… most people I know are getting or have already gotten married.)

But yesterday, I went to attend one of my best friend’s wedding. It had been really touching and emotional. This wedding had meant more than usual to me because I had been a witness of their entire relationship journey. From when they first met, to the series of occasional squabbles they may have. And now, they have finally tied the knot… which is the perfect start for the next chapter of their lives together.

I really enjoyed myself this time around because it was a well organized wedding.
A semi Western/Chinese wedding, with dancing, speeches, and great food with some old and new friends. The day had been rather tiring but definitely a great day~~~