Part of a Proposal

Today, I, and around 80 other people, came together to help a mutual friend propose to his girlfriend.

We all met through a game. One that requires us to meet in person, interact, and come out together to play. So it’s an interesting group; large in numbers, but we all know each other, or at least linked by first or second degree in some way.

Although the original plan went a bit awry, all was well at the end of the day as we converged on the unsuspecting lady, and he popped the question and she said yes.

It’s quite sweet, especially since they met through the game, and we saw the start of the relationship to now.

Today, I feel celebratory, and of course, happy, for the newly engaged couple πŸ™‚


Upcoming wedding bells

Today, Gordon shared a photo; his proposal was a success!

Interesting, this follows from Yoko’s proposal only about two weeks ago.

Back in the days, we would together cook simple meals, and just have a good time hanging out together. Time and life separated us into three different countries.

But life goes on. And they have found their own respective happiness. For that, I am very happy for them and wish them a very blissful life ahead.

Time in Bangkok

Disappeared for a few days, and went to Bangkok for a short holiday.

I went with some friends that I grew up with, friends that I have known for ~20 years now. We all grew up in one country, but now all work/live in another.

Somehow, we made it work. We made our way from Hong Kong, London, Bangkok.. and congregated, at Bangkok.

Although we don’t see each other for years at a time, nor talk all that often, we managed to make this happen. And I am most grateful, that after so many years and all that distance, we are still friends.

It was a chillax few days with good food and good company; despite the hot weather.

Good holiday πŸ™‚

Work and colleagues

I am happy to have colleagues and superiors that are easy to get along with.

Random tidbits of chat livens up the day. My manager would PM and support me in moving along things I need to get ready for an event. And my director would in a nice tone gently remind me I need to clarify some certain details (which, thankfully I did so as my assumptions on the contract was wrong).

It is nice to have a good work environment. Today. πŸ˜›

BBQ fun

Today, I had fun and am quite happy. We metΒ up for BBQ today, as a way of celebrating the new year.

It was an enjoyable evening, with food, drinks and games; so much that even though we had work the next day, we all stayed and BBQ’d until midnight. And we ate all the way up to midnight too XD