Sudden willingness to get married?

Met a friend today; he is in his 40s, and for the near-5 years that I’ve known him, he has maintained a stance of “I don’t want to get married”.

Maybe it’s an age thing, that he’s past the urge to get married age… as well as definitely a personal preference thing.

I’ve seen him go through serious, long, relationships. Steady, yet, he doesn’t want to get married. And it was an agreed consensus between him and his partner, so it’s not a big issue, but it’s something that he was strongly against.

Today, he told me he is getting married. That caught me by surprise. To a new girlfriend, whom he has been dating for a few months.

Years of relationship, a so-far lifetime of not wanting to get married, and suddenly, all that changes.

He cannot fathom why either. I reasoned – perhaps he’s just never met someone he wanted to get married to until now, that, this sudden change in mindset, is because she’s “the one”.

The short length of the relationship, coupled with the desire to get married… is a 180 degree turn around. Yet, it is happening, it happened, they are planning to get married.

A living proof of – it’s not about the quantity of time, it’s the quality of time; and when you find the one, you will know.


Friend from afar

A friend I met in NZ, got to know in Beijing; is now currently based in Taiwan, but came by Hong Kong for a visit.

I like┬ávisitors ­čÖé

I haven’t seen him for nearly 7 years now, and it was nice to just eat and chat.

Today, I had fun.

Friend at 4am

Even though it meant I didn’t sleep until 4am, I am blessed to have a friend who would call me, just to see if I am okay.

He said, through his observations, I don’t usually talk about my personal life, and for me to do so, it must really be bothering me. He just wanted to make sure I am okay.

I had to smile a little at his observation. He said I enjoy listening to others and prompting them with questions, but often and quickly redirect the topic back to others when it turns to me. I didn’t realise that I still do this, haha.

He lives in another country; and we don’t meet much if at all. So I am grateful, and blessed, that he would attend to these small details, and would, despite being thousands of miles apart, insist on calling. Just to make sure I am okay.

Thanks Jack ­čÖé

Florida shooting

The Florida shooting that happened today is terrible – another instance of senseless killing, where innocent lives are taken. There’s already enough deaths in this world without more man-made murders.

This, though, is a blog of positive emotions; and a daily dose of “happiness”.

Today, I am glad that my friend is okay. He was at the airport at the time, and was just boarding at the time of the incident. Apparently his flight was the last flight out before it went into lock down.

Thoughts to all those affected, but for now, I am glad/relieved he is okay.