Friend at 4am

Even though it meant I didn’t sleep until 4am, I am blessed to have a friend who would call me, just to see if I am okay.

He said, through his observations, I don’t usually talk about my personal life, and for me to do so, it must really be bothering me. He just wanted to make sure I am okay.

I had to smile a little at his observation. He said I enjoy listening to others and prompting them with questions, but often and quickly redirect the topic back to others when it turns to me. I didn’t realise that I still do this, haha.

He lives in another country; and we don’t meet much if at all. So I am grateful, and blessed, that he would attend to these small details, and would, despite being thousands of miles apart, insist on calling. Just to make sure I am okay.

Thanks Jack 🙂