Beauty and the Beast

As part of my company’s “social” initiative, we had a Beauty and the Beast movie night. They made a good choice of movie, with about ~150 staff going. Who knew that the males were interested too!

It’s a really good movie; even though I went in with reasonably high expectations, this movie didn’t fail to impress. All in all, it just flowed nicely, the effects were beautiful; it mostly adhered to the story we knew as a child, and the songs frequency was not distracting at all.

I didn’t forget to notice that there were multi-cultural representations 😉

Today, I had fun.


Friend from afar

A friend I met in NZ, got to know in Beijing; is now currently based in Taiwan, but came by Hong Kong for a visit.

I like visitors 🙂

I haven’t seen him for nearly 7 years now, and it was nice to just eat and chat.

Today, I had fun.