Sword Art Online, the movie

Watched Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale today.

I think I first watched SAO, the anime, over 2 years ago, nearly 3.

At that time, it captured the attention of many. Beautiful graphics, coupled with a creative, new, and worth-chasing storyline. For gamers (or past-gamers like me), it resonates a little, and you instantly nod at the mechanics of a MMORPG.

So when this new movie came out, I, amongst others that watched the anime, were rightfully excited. Anime to movies, understandably, only appeal to a niche market, of those that watched the anime, so the number of screenings and available theatres although plentiful enough, was not “all cinemas”.

Anyways. Long story short. Great movie. Love how it connects to the anime series/storyline, something a lot of “anime movies” skip purely for the sake of creating a movie. It managed to work through the restrictions of what it had already showed, extended it to a new story, without “repeating the same thing”.

Aka, it was the anime we love, with a new plot, but with references to the old, and not drifting too far from the core of what it is.

Aka. It was a good movie.

Aka. Watch it!