Sudden willingness to get married?

Met a friend today; he is in his 40s, and for the near-5 years that I’ve known him, he has maintained a stance of “I don’t want to get married”.

Maybe it’s an age thing, that he’s past the urge to get married age… as well as definitely a personal preference thing.

I’ve seen him go through serious, long, relationships. Steady, yet, he doesn’t want to get married. And it was an agreed consensus between him and his partner, so it’s not a big issue, but it’s something that he was strongly against.

Today, he told me he is getting married. That caught me by surprise. To a new girlfriend, whom he has been dating for a few months.

Years of relationship, a so-far lifetime of not wanting to get married, and suddenly, all that changes.

He cannot fathom why either. I reasoned – perhaps he’s just never met someone he wanted to get married to until now, that, this sudden change in mindset, is because she’s “the one”.

The short length of the relationship, coupled with the desire to get married… is a 180 degree turn around. Yet, it is happening, it happened, they are planning to get married.

A living proof of – it’s not about the quantity of time, it’s the quality of time; and when you find the one, you will know.


Change of mindset

I keep a personal blog, private, only for my eyes, for personal occurrences that I want to record, vent, or just to recollect my thoughts.

While it is a good channel for so, I took a quick glance through my past posts, and realized they were mostly if not all negative.

Things I could have let slide, I didn’t. Things where I could have exhibited even more patience, I didn’t.

Judging from my posts, I was upset about things that in the grand scheme of life, was minor.

I need to chillax; and start writing more about things that makes me happy, that I am grateful for.



Sword Art Online, the movie

Watched Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale today.

I think I first watched SAO, the anime, over 2 years ago, nearly 3.

At that time, it captured the attention of many. Beautiful graphics, coupled with a creative, new, and worth-chasing storyline. For gamers (or past-gamers like me), it resonates a little, and you instantly nod at the mechanics of a MMORPG.

So when this new movie came out, I, amongst others that watched the anime, were rightfully excited. Anime to movies, understandably, only appeal to a niche market, of those that watched the anime, so the number of screenings and available theatres although plentiful enough, was not “all cinemas”.

Anyways. Long story short. Great movie. Love how it connects to the anime series/storyline, something a lot of “anime movies” skip purely for the sake of creating a movie. It managed to work through the restrictions of what it had already showed, extended it to a new story, without “repeating the same thing”.

Aka, it was the anime we love, with a new plot, but with references to the old, and not drifting too far from the core of what it is.

Aka. It was a good movie.

Aka. Watch it!

Part of a Proposal

Today, I, and around 80 other people, came together to help a mutual friend propose to his girlfriend.

We all met through a game. One that requires us to meet in person, interact, and come out together to play. So it’s an interesting group; large in numbers, but we all know each other, or at least linked by first or second degree in some way.

Although the original plan went a bit awry, all was well at the end of the day as we converged on the unsuspecting lady, and he popped the question and she said yes.

It’s quite sweet, especially since they met through the game, and we saw the start of the relationship to now.

Today, I feel celebratory, and of course, happy, for the newly engaged couple 🙂


Egg tarts

After dinner today, I wanted egg tarts; rather randomly, just because we were at a Macau restaurant, which led me thinking about Portuguese tarts, which was similar enough to egg tarts.

Blessed am I, that there was a “famous” “traditional” egg tart place in the area. So we trotted over to the shop.

Although it wasn’t hot and freshly baked.. and a bit pricey… blessed am I, to be able to fulfill my sudden food desire.

Beauty and the Beast

As part of my company’s “social” initiative, we had a Beauty and the Beast movie night. They made a good choice of movie, with about ~150 staff going. Who knew that the males were interested too!

It’s a really good movie; even though I went in with reasonably high expectations, this movie didn’t fail to impress. All in all, it just flowed nicely, the effects were beautiful; it mostly adhered to the story we knew as a child, and the songs frequency was not distracting at all.

I didn’t forget to notice that there were multi-cultural representations 😉

Today, I had fun.

Upcoming wedding bells

Today, Gordon shared a photo; his proposal was a success!

Interesting, this follows from Yoko’s proposal only about two weeks ago.

Back in the days, we would together cook simple meals, and just have a good time hanging out together. Time and life separated us into three different countries.

But life goes on. And they have found their own respective happiness. For that, I am very happy for them and wish them a very blissful life ahead.